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A Z Products is a distribution company that specializes in promoting brands through popular ecommerce platforms – AMAZON, EBAY, JET.COM, WALMART, and others. We specifically concentrate on bringing in international brands to the U.S. market and helping them set up a viable business strategy for their online presence. Our goal is to use our unique selling model to introduce and expand the footprint of the brand online. A Z Products secures online presence as we guide you through the complexities of selling online.  


A Z Products strategy is to strictly focus on selling via ecommerce platforms. By concentrating on ecommerce, we can sell to your target market quickly and more efficiently, especially when compared to traditional Chain models. Older strategies of selling to brick and mortar stores can be both expensive and time exhausting. In addition, traditional wholesalers have large operating costs which can limit the amount of money allocated to marketing and advertising your products. We minimize our operating cost to focus more on marketing/advertising, so your products increase in both sales and awareness. 

Our strategy is to:

  1. Create Brand Presence

  2. Distribute to New Channels

  3. Digital Marketing Push

  4. Advising on Your Online Strategy


We help manage a variety of brands online, brands such as DONA™, Saugella™, Estromineral™, InvigoFlex™, and Thymuskin™. We have been able to increase sales from 2 – 3 units a day to 40 - 50 units a day per brand. We have the knowledge to successfully grow your International brand in the United States.  

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